When should I consider an MRI for my pet?

• When other diagnostic tests (x-ray, ultrasound, etc.) have failed.
• If you have hesitations about pursuing more invasive diagnostics or treatments.
• When an accurate diagnosis is absolutely necessary to make important health decisions regarding the medical/surgical care of your pet.

Will an MRI give me more information than radiographs or diagnostic ultrasound?

Yes! MRI provides exceptional soft tissue detail, making it especially useful in imaging the nervous system(brain and spinal cord), joints, cardiovascular structures and abdominal organs.

What are some specific uses for MRI?

The following are specific uses for MRI in animals:

Seizure Disorders
Problems with balance and coordination
Neck or Back pain
Paresis or Paralysis
Abnormal Nasal Discharge or Persistent Facial Swelling
Abnormal Abdominal Organ Shape or Size
Delineating Boundaries of Tumors/Masses

Can I speak with the veterinarian before committing to the MRI for my pet?

Yes! Of course! We want to make sure that you understand and feel comfortable with the entire process. Vets takes great pride in a comprehensive approach to veterinary medicine. After reviewing the entire medical case, they will set up a time to personally discuss the findings, answer any of your questions or concerns, as well as provide specific details with respect to the MRI process. The philosphy is to educate, encourage participation, and ensure that you and your pet have an experience that is well worth everyone’s effort!

What is the cost of an MRI for my four-legged pet?

In the world of complex human and veterinary healthcare, we want to keep it as simple as possible which is why we offer all-inclusive pricing. Each of the following services are included in the cost of our scans:

The cost is all-inclusive, meaning that the following services are included in the cost of the MRI:

  • Complimentary pre-MRI Case Review and Consultation
  • Comprehensive Physical Examination
  • IV Catheter/General Anesthesia/Anesthetic Monitoring
  • MRI-(copy of MRI provided to Mom and/or Dad at discharge)
  • MRI Interpretation by Board-Certified Veterinary Radiologist

Our pricing for each individual scan is listed as follows:

Single Study High Field MRI: $1,800
Additional Region: $250
Dual Slice CT Scan: $800
Additional Region: $150
3-View Digital X-Ray: $200 – $300

Do you accept payment plans?

We want to work with you to save your pet’s life and obtaining the proper diagnosis is the first step! In alignment with our vision of providing high-quality, affordable MRI services so that more animal can benefit from its superior diagnostic capability, and thereby, receive proper treatment in a timely fashion, however, payment plans are not accepted. We recommend CARE CREDIT, which allows pet owners the ability to finance their pet’s care.

How long will it take you to perform an MRI on my pet?

Please plan for 2.5 hours for each MRI. A typical scan takes 45 minutes to one hour in duration, but we must properly prepare your pet for anesthesia and be present for the entire recovery process.