At ACI we stress the convenience of our independent advanced radiology center. We are the only true veterinary outpatient facility in Central Florida and strive to be the best extension of care to you and your primary veterinarian. As a referral practice, patients can expect to be referred from their primary vet office to our facility. Upon arrival, you will meet with our managing veterinarian for any last minute questions before moving forward with any examinations. Being that we are the only true outpatient center for animals offering advanced diagnostics, we are able to conveniently schedule, perform examinations and have you on your way with no overnight boarding necessary. Scans usually take around 30 minutes and you can expect to be in and out of the facility in about 2.5 hours. Every scan we do is interpreted by a Board Certified Veterinarian Radiologist and results of our findings are sent straight to the primary, referring practice. By utilizing our advanced imaging modalities, pet owners and veterinarians can make the correct decisions on how to handle the issues their beloved pet may be dealing with.