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Tampa’s Animal Care Imaging Is Central Florida’s Premier Pet Diagnostic Imaging Center

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When your pet is sick or dealing with a painful or unknown ailment, you want answers right away. That means having access to the best diagnostic tools available. At Animal Care Imaging that’s just what you can expect. As Tampa’s first full-service imaging center dedicated solely to the unique needs of animals, the Animal Care Imaging Center is the top choice for both pet owners and veterinarians looking for detailed answers to animal ailments. They specialize in the most advanced, state-of-the-art techniques and technology, including a 1.5 Tesla MRI and a Multi-Slice CT Scanner system for pets.  Consult with our knowledgeable staff and doctor about our services so you can choose the best and most appropriate imaging approach for dogs, cats and other animals and exotics.

Diagnostic imaging is nothing new to the owners of Animal Care Imaging – for nearly 20 years they’ve owned and operated eight imaging centers for “human” patients. That means when it came time to design a facility for animal care, they knew from years of experience how to create an atmosphere to obtain top quality imaging.

ACI is also dedicated to advancing knowledge about imaging diagnostics and other veterinary care techniques, with facilities designed for CE level meetings and ample space for veterinarians and technicians alike to attend. Veterinarian practitioners from throughout the Tampa area and beyond regularly visit us to develop a keener understanding of treatment and care options that can help them provide more comprehensive and up-to-date services for their patients.

If you own a dog, cat or other small animal, you know how critical it is to have peace of mind regarding your pet’s care. When you need the most advanced diagnostic and treatment services for your beloved pet, ACI is there to help. To learn more about the services provided by Animal Care Imaging, explore the ACI website or call Animal Care Imaging at 813-977-1927.